Towing Versus Mobile Truck and Trailer Repair

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A commercial truck or trailer breakdown is one of the most frustrating issues for truck drivers and fleet managers. This is because it occurs at unimaginable locations and unexpected times and results in lost time and financial losses.

But now, thanks to mobile truck and trailer repair services, you can get immediate help. These road services are unlike what most repair shops offer; towing services, which are no longer convenient. It’s essential to establish a working relationship with a reputable mobile truck and trailer repair service provider to ensure you can get emergency repair services no matter the time or location where your breakdown occurs. Here are some reasons why mobile truck and trailer repair is better than towing.

The Latest Technology

When you go for mobile truck and trailer repair services, it doesn’t mean you’ll compromise on the quality of services you get from the service provider. Most garages that offer mobile repair services have invested heavily in their service units complete with compressors, generators, diagnostic software & welding equipment.

Besides, the mobile service units are equipped with modern, high-end tech devices and tools such as breakdown apps to ensure they offer fast, professional, and efficient truck and trailer repair services. It’s not surprising that you can get all the services you can access in a stationary garage at a mobile truck repair service unit.

The skilled technicians are versed in modern trucking repair tech and are prepared to solve any problems you may be having fast and right the first time. Their service trucks are fitted with modern tools and equipment that ensure the repair services provided are swift and efficient.


Although there’s nothing convenient about your truck or trailer breaking down at unthinkable locations and times, it’s convenient to know that you can access mobile truck repairs services at weird hours and at the very spot your truck has broken down.

Fleet managers and truck drivers have peace of mind knowing that they can access repair and maintenance services at any place or time, and only within a few hours after the trailer damage occurs. If you’re a fleet manager, you can schedule truck and trailer maintenance at any time and location instead of waiting for a later date when the vehicle comes to your station.

Timely maintenance helps to prevent costly repairs in the future. That’s why you should consider mobile repair and maintenance services for your fleet.

Minimal Downtime

One of the main advantages of using mobile trucks and repair services is you’ll minimize downtime for your fleet because repair services are available immediately. Unlike towing services, your truck won’t be moved from its current location for repairs. Instead, everything will be done onsite.

Remember, if your truck is towed to the company’s garage, it may have to be put in the queue awaiting repairs. This isn’t the case with mobile truck repair services.

For instance, if the truck was transporting goods to your customer, the trip won’t be much affected because the repairs will be done immediately, and the vehicle can resume the journey in no time.

No Towing

With mobile truck and trailer repair services, your truck or trailer won’t have to be towed to the garage. This saves your time and money, especially if you’re a commercial transporter. A mobile repair service saves you the cost of hiring a wrecker to move your vehicle to the garage, which would rather be substituted to pay for the mobile repair services.

Another main disadvantage of towing is that the truck may remain in the garage for several days awaiting service. Companies that offer mobile repair services for trucks ensure that the technicians they deploy have immense training and experience in inspecting and fixing trucks and trailers fast. Such mechanics will diagnose your trailer’s problem quickly and provide a solution as soon as possible.

Full Range of Services

Like in an ordinary truck garage, mobile trucks and trailer service providers offer comprehensive repair and maintenance services. Some services you can get from mobile service trucks include fluid flushes, brake repair, oil changes, tire repair/replacement, fluid replacement, and transmission service. Unless your truck requires complex repair services, all other common services are available with reputable mobile truck and trailer providers.

24/7 Help

Locating truck or trailer repair services at late hours of the night can be challenging. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with the mobile truck and trailer repair services. They’re available 24/7. Immediately you contact the service provider, they dispatch a team of qualified and skilled technicians to your location ASAP for the repairs. These technicians are available day and night.

Rapid Response

Truck and trailer mobile services are available immediately. In this case, you don’t have to wait for ages for the technicians to arrive at your location.

The mobile repair trucks arrive at your location as soon as possible to ensure your truck or trailer is back on the road within no time. This means your vehicle will not be moved to a different site for repairs, which is imperative if you’re hauling perishables.

In most cases, if you plan to take your truck or trailer to an ordinary garage for repairs or maintenance, you need to make an appointment, but this isn’t the case with mobile repair service. You won’t make any appointments; rather, the technicians and engineers will rush to your site to do the work.

Prevents Costly Repairs

Hiring a mobile truck and trailer technicians help to prevent costly repairs. For example, if your vehicle develops some minor issues while on transit, and no immediate action is taken, the problem can aggravate, resulting in expensive repairs in the future.

The good news is that you can use mobile repair services to ensure all issues are addressed immediately. If you’re a fleet manager, you must ensure your fleet has a consistent maintenance and inspection routine to ensure minor issues that could compound in the future are solved in good time.

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