Truck and trailer mechanical preventive maintenance program

preventive maintenance

Canvec Leasing offers you at all times

At your location or at our mechanical shop, our professional and efficient team is ready to perform the regular, seasonal or yearly preventive maintenance of your private fleet, with the attention to detail that always exceeds your expectations.

We also offer, by appointment, a Preventive Maintenance Program (PEP) and/or pre-SAAQ that rigorously follows high industry standards, as well as a SAAQ annual inspection management service for trucks and trailers (sticker available).

Our truck and trailer maintenance service is for you if:

You must focus on other important aspects of your business.
You want the regular maintenance of your private fleet of trucks and/or trailers to be done by specialists.

You want to maximize the profitability of your assets.

With one of our dedicated employees, you can establish a customized annual maintenance schedule that suits your needs, budget and reality, and also complies with government regulations. Ask about our volume discount benefit.

Simplify your operations and reduce your costs

At Canvec leasing, we take every aspect of our customer service at heart. That is why we put our 25 years of experience at your disposal to help you lower your costs and balance your maintenance budget.

Canvec Leasing always offers:

  • An entirely customized maintenance program for your fleet, with volume discount
  • A team of skilled technicians who are PMP-certified (Preventative Maintenance Program)
  • An unmatched expertise in fleet management in the Greater Montreal
  • Work carried out in total compliance with Bill 430 (Act respecting owners, operators and drivers of heavy vehicles)
  • A shop with garage bays and mobile units equipped for trucks and trailers
  • Courtesy vehicles available upon reservation  
  • A computerized platform for real-time maintenance monitoring (via a tablet)
  • A complete service report sent by email including details and pictures of the work carried out
  • A record of your vehicle’s history and access to a client portal  

Mechanical inspection of trailers and trucks according to the SAAQ’s standards

  • Visual inspection
  • Brake verification and adjustment
  • Lights and electric system verification  
  • Complete lubrication
  • Tire and air pressure verification
  • Wheel bearings verification  
  • Wheel retorquing
  • Etc.
Business hours: Monday to Friday from 6 am to 5 pm
Choose the maintenance plan that best suits your needs:  



Tractor-truck (6 wheels)  



Tractor-truck (10 wheels)



Straight body truck (6 wheels)



Trailer 2 axles     



Trailer 3 axles     



Trailer 4 axles     

Get a 100% customized quotation 

Communicate with us now to learn more about our customized maintenance programs. You can trust our team of dedicated professionals for the maintenance of your private fleet!

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