Canvec’s team

Canvec’s team: reputable experts in the trucks and semi-trailer rental business

Canvec Leasing’s team is comprised of experienced specialists who are committed to offering an exceptional customer service. This tight-knit group shares forward-looking expertise and hands-on skills related to the rental, transport, maintenance and repair of tractor trucks and semi-trailers, while being well aware of the challenges you must face in your business reality. Their widely recognized know-how as well as their commitment to provide you with efficient rental solutions make them partners of choice in the success of your company.
Danny Lefebvre

President and CEO

Danny Lefebvre started his career in the transportation industry at Intercan Leasing inc., a truck and trailer leasing company owned by his father André Lefebvre. Danny founded Canvec Leasing in 1990 and laid the foundation of his new company by gradually assembling a team

Stéfan Lefebvre

Vice President of Operations

Young, Stéfan began working in the family-owned leasing business. He joined Canvec Leasing in 1996 and left from 1999, to pursuit his passion for aviation at CAE flight simulators. Back with Canvec Leasing in 2012. His operational experience with a large company has become a key asset for Canvec Leasing, allowing the company to grow while continuing to deliver excellent service.e.

André Lefebvre

Senior Consultant

André Lefebvre has been in the transport business over the last 50 years, and specifically involved in the truck and trailer rental business. He has been a pillar in the success of the family-owned business, GTL Group before he focused his efforts in the establishment of a new division that became a leader in its industry in Quebec and Ontario (Intercan Leasing). Mr. Lefebvre joined his son Danny at Canvec Leasing at its very beginning.

Étienne Tardif

CPA, CA, CFA, Chief Financial Officer

Etienne graduated in Business Administration from Concordia University. After four rewarding years at KPMG, Étienne decided to launch into the corporate sector. For seven years, he held the position of Director of Finance at Kiadis, and later took on the position of Treasurer at Mechtronix Systems Inc. He joined Canvec Leasing in November 2010.

Joe Totera

Regional Director – Ontario

Joe is a specialist in call center and operations management. With his keen interest in North American transportation, he has extensive expertise to effectively serve the Ontario market. As Regional Director, Joe will be our official spokesperson for all of your 24/7 roadside-assistance needs in the GTA.

Denis Hudson

Senior Manager

Denis Hudson is a true veteran with almost 40 years of experience in the trucking and transportation industry, including more than 25 years with the Lefebvre’s family. With his great expertise in transportation equipment rental and leasing, as well as his large network, he is a major asset for Canvec Leasing’s clients.

Nathalie Proulx

Account Manager

Nathalie is at the heart of our customer service. With her amazing active listening skills, empathy and approachability, she understands clients’ challenges and finds solutions to best address them. Her priority? Fostering in-person meetings. She believes that human contact trumps only high-tech communications. Our clients are thrilled to count on Nathalie to better understand our entire solution suite.

Gilles Brisson

Sales Coordinator

Gilles began his career as a trailer mechanic. He has been in the industry for over 10 years. His initiative and resourcefulness have earned him to reach different positions from operations assistant to sales coordinator. He is recognized for his dedication and commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. He joined our team in 2013.

André Choquette

Operations Coordinator

With over 20 years experience in the transport industry, André, a member of the Canvec team since 2013, began his career in the industry as a dispatcher. His dedication to customer satisfaction has allowed him to make his mark. He has always remained an important part of the relationship between his employers and their clients. A tireless worker, he never spares no effort to exceed customer expectations.

Hélène Boily

Administrative Coordinator

Hélène is the billing coordinator for Location Canvec’s service division. With nearly 15 years of experience in the transportation field, she understands the industry’s challenges. Hélène diligently responds to customers’ questions with agility and dedication. The customer is her number one priority.

Julie Bousquet

Head Coordinator of the road service

As head coordinator of the road service department, Julie perfectly synchronizes the needs of technicians with the customers’ expectations. With over 16 years of experience in distribution in the transportation industry, Julie has been in the industry since her early teenage years. Through her natural leadership and sense of initiative, she brings undeniable experience to our team and effectively supervises more than 10 technicians.

Gilles Girardot

Coordinator of the road service

As a dispatcher with more than 35 years of experience, Gilles coordinates all of our 24/7 service calls. In addition to being a team person and giving 100% of himself, he puts customers and technicians at the center of his priorities. Punctuality, quality, interpersonal skills are three qualities among several that Gilles brings to Canvec. Thanks Gilles.

Dominic Sénéchal

Mechanics Supervisor 

With over 18 years of experience in mechanics, Dominic is in charge of supervising more than 10 mechanics and ensuring the quality of workshop’s project. What is Dominic’s mission? Helping his team to always improve and challenge themselves in order to perform an impeccable job for you and your vehicles. Proactive by nature, he is extremely dynamic. Effective and innovative solutions are always Dominic’s top priorities.

Louis Chevrier

Parts Chef Coordinator

Purchasing expert and parts warehouse manager, Louis impresses by his natural talent for organization. His strength resides in his rapid learning skills and his ease with others. Nevertheless, it’s his ever-present desire to improve his workplace that mostly contributes to the company’s growth. Canvec is proud to count on his cooperation with its expansion plans. Thank you Louis!

Michel Paulin

Chief Mechanic

Michel have over 30 years of experience in heavy vehicle mechanics. He appreciates good craftsmanship and specializes in welding. He joined Canvec Leasing in 1995. He’s always busy refining his skills and regularly enrolls in advanced qualification training programs. Recognized for his patience and commitment, his personal and professional achievements are a true reflection of these qualities.

Canvec’s team: your leasing and rental specialists!

Canvec Leasing owes its success to a team of outstanding strategists who show incomparable professionalism in renting and maintaining trucks and trailers. We are immensely proud to have since our beginnings talented and passionate employees who all share the same commitment: your satisfaction.
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