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The primary Thermo King refrigerated truck and trailer equipment alarm codes.

Specific alarm codes may vary depending on the model and version of your Thermo King refrigeration system. Also, a code may be the result of a different repair than the code itself. There are more than 900 possible codes that can be displayed! Our experts at Canvec have provided us with a list of the main “immediate action” codes that may display when repairing Thermo King reefer trailers.
  • Code 10: High discharge pressure. Your system is shut down. Critical alarm. There are several possible reasons. 
  • Code 12: This code indicates a sensor problem for trailers with multiple temperature zones. Unit/zone cannot operate and is shut down. 
  • Code 20: This means that the diesel engine failed to start. This can be caused by mechanical or electrical failure. This code is very common.
  • Code 63: This code indicates a shutdown for an unknown reason and malfunction. It must be diagnosed. 
  • Code 17: The engine failed to crank. Repair immediately.
  • Code 86-87: Indicates a refrigerant problem. The system will not refrigerate sufficiently. Repair immediately before you have a permanent shutdown.
  • Code 66: Indicates low engine oil level. This indicates that the engine may not start.
  • Code 37: Indicates a low coolant level (Prestone). This could be due to a leaking pump, a broken hose and other causes. This is critical and requires immediate repair.

Perform maintenance regularly to limit this type of problem. At Canvec, we repair all TK makes and models, such as Thermo King Trailer models C-600, C-600M, S-600, S-700, SB-210, SB-230, SB SPECTRUM; Truck models (cube and straight body) T-1080R, T-1080S, T-1090R, T-1090S, T-1090 SPEC; and Heater (HK) models HK-450, HK-450MAX, and HK-430.

The primary Carrier reefer equipment alarm codes

Here are some common alarm codes you may encounter with your Carrier brand refrigerated truck or semi-trailer. Again, more than 900 codes can be displayed, and these vary depending on the type of Carrier equipment you have!
  • Code AL4: Indicates a low level of refrigerant. The system is not cooling enough, so the temperature will rise.
  • Code AL16: Indicates low battery voltage. A faulty battery or a charging problem may cause this.
  • Codes AL5000-5999: This means a fault in the defrost circuit. This may be due to a faulty sensor or a problem with the defrost valve.
  • Code 5014: The reefer will not start. This may be due to a low battery, a shut off solenoid or other issue.
  • Code 195: Low suction line pressure. Indicates a lack of Freon or a lack of refrigerant. The temperature will not lower.
  • Codes 7000-7999: Caused by failure of the refrigeration system sensors. This isn’t always critical, but without proper maintenance it can become critical.

Perform maintenance regularly to limit this type of problem. At Canvec, we repair all Carrier brands such as Carrier Trailer models X2-2100 and X4-7300-7500, Carrier Truck (cube, straight body) models Supra 950 and Supra 960, Carrier Heater and Solara.

The primary Zanotti reefer/heater truck and trailer alarm codes

Zanotti is also a well-known manufacturer of refrigeration systems for trucks and trailers. Here are some common alarm codes you may encounter with Zanotti refrigeration systems:
  • Code PrL: Indicates low pressure due to leakage, evaporation or low outside temperature. This may require performing a manual defrost.
  • Code PrH: Indicates high pressure due to a clogged condenser, fan malfunction or mold in the circuits. This may require cleaning of the condensers and the fan.
  • Code E01: Indicates a temperature sensor failure, which may cause problems with temperature measurement or regulation. This may require sensor replacement or repair.

Mobile or in-shop repair for your Thermo King, TK, Heat King, Carrier, Zanotti reefer or heater trucks, and others.