Trailer roof snow removal

For your trailers and/or Canvec Leasing trailers

Trailer roof snow removal service

Are you looking for a snow removal service for storage or road trailers and trucks in the Greater Montreal? You can count on our team of experienced employees 24/7 and avoid:

  • Risks of injuries to your own employees while clearing the snow
  • Road accidents caused by ice or snow falling off your trailers  
  • Roof collapses caused by excessive snow accumulation
  • Damage caused by water infiltrations
  • Slowing down your operations
  • Delayed deliveries
  • Astronomical fuels costs caused by additional weight and loss of aerodynamism
  • Fines

Do not let the snow accumulate on your fleet : For your trucks and trailers and/or Canvec’s trucks and trailers. Choose a company that applies the best safety practices in trailer roof snow removal.

Legislative strengthening in Québec

Fines are now more severe for heavy vehicles with uncleared snow on public roads, and controllers are watching you on the road and at road control posts. It is in your interest to make sure that snow is properly removed from your trailers before ice forms and makes things more complicated.
In Addition, the CNESST (Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail, formerly  known as CSST) now forbids employees to do snow removal without safety measures, after many accidents occurred. The CNESST insists that the removal of snow on road equipment must be carried out by specialized companies with adequate equipment, in 100% safe conditions. Enjoy our trailer roof snow removal service in Montreal.

Expertise in trailer roof snow removal

Canvec Leasing is proudly contributing to the safety of your road or storage trailers and trucks with a team of qualified technicians who are also efficient and reliable.

Our trailer and truck snow removal service includes :

  • Skilled specialists who adapt to your needs  
  • Highly safe snow clearing methods  
  • Careful work that doesn’t damage the roof  
  • Snow clearing of headlights and tail lights  
  • A complete service report sent by email including details and pictures of the work carried out
  • Mobile units covering the Greater Montreal and surroundings  
  • A 100% guarantee that each of your calls will be answered

Prepare your fleet of trailers for the road after a snowfall with Canvec Leasing!

Snow removal service available on call or by appointment.

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