Trailer Roof Snow
Removal Service

Are you looking for a snow removal service in Québec or Ontario?

You can count on our Canvec Emergency Dispatch Team to Help.

Why call Canvec to remove the Snow?​

  • Risks of injuries to your own employees while clearing the snow
  • Road accidents caused by ice or snow falling off your trailers
  • Roof collapses caused by excessive snow accumulation
  • Damage caused by water infiltrations
  • Slowing down your operations
  • Delayed deliveries
  • Astronomical fuels costs caused by additional weight and loss of aerodynamism
  • Fines

Do not let the snow accumulate on your fleet:
Call Canvec and consider the snow removed.

Expertise in Trailer Snow Removal

Canvec Leasing is proudly contributing to the safety of your road or storage trailers with a team dedicated to handling your Trailer Snow Removal needs:

Our trailer snow removal
service includes :

  • Clearing of Snow and Ice on your Trailers
  • Careful work that doesn’t damage the roof
  • Snow clearing of headlights and tail lights
  • A complete service report sent by email including details and pictures of the work carried out
  • Mobile units covering Québec and Ontario

Prepare your fleet of trailers for the road after a snowfall with Canvec Leasing!

Snow removal service available on call or by appointment.
Business hours: 24/7

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