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Canvec is proud to be the privileged partner
in Quebec of the renowned brand Bär Cargolift.


Bär Cargolift is one of the largest manufacturers of tailgates in Europe. Bär offers Cargolifts tailgates for all applications and commercial trucks – heavy trucks. All products are manufactured in-house at the company’s main facility in Heilbronn, Germany, where the first Bär tailgates for trucks was designed and manufactured by Gerd Bär over 30 years ago.

We offer a full service for your tailgate needs: rental, sales, maintenance and 24/7 roadside assistance.

Our tailgate options for your trailer truck:

Tailgates For Trucks - Bär Cargolift Falt

Ideal for deep-freeze bodies and for ramp loading

Do you often require free access to the doors, such as when loading and unloading on a ramp? Would a standard platform be disruptive in vehicle use? Then Bär Cargolift Falt tailgate is your solution for loading tasks.

In drive position the Bär Cargolift Falt fold-down tailgate fold down under the vehicle floor. This enables non-restrictive ramp loading. If the Cargolift tailgate is needed, the command “lower” sets up the platform package mechanically, so that the user can then unfold it manually. The folding process is thereby facilitated with a spring assistance.

With frequent loading and unloading on a hillside, Bär recommends version F4: While F2 Cargolifts tailgate only have two lifting cylinders, the two additional tilting cylinders of the F4 Cargolift tailgate enable tilting adjustment at any height. This increases safety and comfort when loading.

Tailgates For Trucks - Bär Cargolift RetFalt

The most efficient tailgates for trucks

High degree of pre-assembly with flexible and low-maintenance use – Bär Cargolift RetFalt tailgate. These retractable tailgates can be quickly mounted on trucks by means of a bolted suspension or on semi trailers by means of a bracketed suspension.

While the Cargolift RetFalt tailgate is stowed under the vehicle in driving position, it can quickly be ready for use. After sliding out hydraulically, the platform is easily unfolded manually and provides a large surface for trolley or pallet transport.

The aluminium sliding mechanism with maintenance free sliding guide is extremely sturdy and has very good sliding properties. The benefits can be seen in frequent use and continuous operation, in particular.

Tailgates for commercial trucks and semi trailers

ReFalt tailgates have various platforms: With BC R21 and R2 the fixed part is made of steel with SilentGrip coating; with BC R41, R4U, R4T and R4C the fixed part is made of aluminium with anti-slip TracGrip. The folding part is always made of aluminium and equipped by standard with a spring for easier platform folding.

In order to facilitate efficient installation and use of the RetFalt Cargolift tailgate, Bär distinguishes the following scenarios:

When installed on a truck, the BC R21 facilitates transport of trolleys or pallets with forklifts, in particular, whereas BC R41, with its high load capacity and large platform is designed for pallets. The BC R4U offers various driving positions for operation with and without trailers for trucks with deep coupling.

When installed on a semitrailer the BC R2T is ideal for the transport of trolleys and light pallets. Its companion for heavy pallet transport, the BC R4T, which is even more compact than the R4C, is available for steering axle semi trailers.